Adventist Health’s “new mission and direction for its brand” has been unveiled to more than 4,000 physicians, providers, employees and volunteers at meetings that started Tuesday and will end Thursday.

“Our new mission statement goes from sharing God’s love to living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope,” Andrea Kofl, president of Adventist Health Central Valley Network, said. “That’s important to us because we want to have our mission statement reflect what we are doing on a daily basis.”

“I think we are dedicated to this mission statement because we are a faith- based organization and when we say we are changing our brand, and it’s not just about a logo change, it’s a brand that represents who we are and it invigorates our systemness,” she said.

When asked why it was important to host the information sessions for employees, Kohl said, “Well, it’s important that we emphasize that we are not – internally, we don’t feel different – but that we are messaging this externally to our communities, [and] that we wanted our employees to integrate this into their work.”

“Our employees are our brand. So they are the ones that are living Gods’ love. So we want to make sure that they understand what the brand change means and what the mission statement means,” Christine Pickering, spokeswoman for the Adventist Central Valley Health Network, said.

“This mission statement exhibits that we want to inspire health, wholeness and hope and we are not just in the business of providing medical care. We are in the business of inspiring everyone that we touch,” Kohl said.

All of the Adventist hospitals throughout California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii are currently going through the rebranding process.

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