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In regards to the ludicrous article on the front page of the Aug. 30th Sentinel, I must reply:

It is quite evident taht Mr. Escobedo has nothing better to do then target Businesses and Restaurants in Hanford even though he lives in Fresno about fifty miles away. I am quite sure that Fresno has many more Restaurants than hanford, and he could save himself the aggravation and discomfort by staying in his own city where he apparently knows all the ADA properties.

But then he would not get the recognition or the Money from the many law suits that he has filled.

I am disabled but have never taken a tape measure into a bathroom to measure the toilet paper dispenser's loction. I do know how important it is for disabled persons to have it as convenient as possible. 

I have lived in hanford for over thirty-five years and know the Murietta family is honest and dependable and would not have opened their restaurant before it was inspected and approved. Perhaps Mr. Escobedo should go after the inspectors next.

LaDonna Kellison


The Sentinel does not edit letters for grammar, punctuation or spelling. They run as they are received. 

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