The Kings County Office of Education launched the Purposity app in late August to help students needs outside of the classroom be met more easily. 

HANFORD — Saturday, Feb. 6, Kings County high school students competed virtually in the 39th annual Kings County Academic Decathlon. The 2021 event theme was “The Cold War.”

Teams from Corcoran High School, Hanford High School, Hanford West High School, Lemoore High School, Lemoore Middle College High School and Sierra Pacific High School — a total of 43 students — competed in a rigorous set of academic examinations demonstrating their versatility in a variety of academic categories.

Each team was comprised of “A”, “B” and “C” students. Team members participated in ten grueling events in the Academic Decathlon, including Art, Economics, Mathematics, Music, Language and Literature, Social Science, and Science.

In addition, the contestants performed prepared and impromptu speeches, wrote essays on a given topic, and participated in interview competitions.

Lemoore Middle College High School, coached by Allen Tong, was announced the winning decathlon team with 41,282.7 points.

Other teams placed as follows:

  • 2nd place – Sierra Pacifiac High School with 26,252.0 points
  • 3rd place – Hanford West High School with 25,529.2 points
  • 4th place – Lemoore High School with 25,339.9 points
  • 5th place – Hanford High School with 24,860.8 points
  • 6th place – Corcoran High School with 23,385.4 points

Lemoore Middle College High School will now advance to the state Academic Decathlon competition in Sacramento in March.

At the event awards ceremony, individual medals and scholarships were won by students from each participating high school. More than $5,700 in scholarships was awarded to top placing Kings County students:

  • Top Decathlete – Clayton Lahodny, LMCHS, $500
  • Top Varsity Student – Philip Marihart, LMCHS, $250
  • Top Scholastic Student – Richard Harmiel, LMCHS, $250
  • Top Honors Student – Clayton Lahodny, LMCHS, $250
  • Top Student Corcoran HS – Gabrielle Salgado, $200
  • Top Student Hanford HS – Liam Dunn, $200
  • Top Student Hanford West HS – Antonio Martinez, $200
  • Top Student Lemoore HS – Robert Dohermann, $200
  • Top Student Lemoore Middle College HS – Clayton Lahodny, $200
  • Top Student Sierra Pacific HS – Aniruddha Ashok, $200

Other scholarship winners included:

  • Language and Literature – Gurmannat Chalotra, LMCHS, $100
  • Music – Gurmannat Chalotra, LMCHS, $100
  • Science – Gurmannat Chalotra, LMCHS, $100
  • Art – Gurmannat Chalotra, LMCHS, $100
  • Mathematics – Clayton Lahodny, LMCHS, $100
  • Economics – Clayton Lahodny, LMCHS, $100
  • Social Science – Clayton Lahodny, LMCHS, $100
  • Social Science – Gurmannat Chalotra, LMCHS, $100
  • Essay – Clayton Lahodny, LMCHS, $100
  • Speech – Clayton Lahodny, LMCHS, $100
  • Speech – Gurmannat Chalotra, LMCHS, $100
  • Interview – Clayton Lahodny, LMCHS, $100
  • Interview – Gurmannat Chalotra, LMCHS, $100
  • Interview – Lillian Elliot, LMCHS, $100

The Kings County Office of Education congratulated all the participating students.

“This is a challenging event which requires immense preparation on the part of students and coaches,” said a press release from KCOE. “We are pleased to bring this event to our Kings County youth, presented in a format allowing students from each high school and of all ages an opportunity to win awards and scholarships.”

The reporter can be reached at julissazavala@hanfordsentinel.com

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