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Kings County Office of Education Building

This is to be the new location of "The Fabric of Our Heritage” mural.

LEMOORE — After a few setbacks, the Lemoore mural project – "The Fabric of Our Heritage” fully funded by a grant from California Humanities spearheaded by the Sarah Mooney Museum – is still moving forward.

A few months after announcing the mural, Lynda Lahodny, executive director of the museum, heard from the property owners of the Pad Thai building that the mural could not be put on the building's wall.

Lahodny said the museum wanted the mural to be installed on a wall  in the downtown initially.

Lahodny said the owners of the Pad Thai thought the wall that was suggested would not be able to handle such a project.  

After discussing with the city and Mario Gonzales, an art teacher at Lemoore High School who will be the art director for the installation of the mural, Lahodny decided to look for another location.

Lahodny drove around town and decided that the wall on the Kings County Office of Education Building would work well.

“This could be an entryway to the city,” Lahodny said. “The message is all to do with the diversity of the population. Lemoore is not your typical Valley farm town, and I think the mural will reflect that.”

So then Lahodny set out to get the Kings County Board of Education’s approval.

Steve Bogan, the superintendent, said that the board was pleased with the idea of this mural. Several board members appreciated that Gonzales would be the main artist for the project.

“It’s a great use of the wall for the community,” Bogan said. “It will represent the people that were here before us and the people that live in Lemoore now.”

Lahodny said the project still needs more community input. 

When the museum set out on this project it was meant to have images representing different ethnicities and backgrounds of Lemoore.

“We can make it without the community’s input, but that’s not the point,” Lahodny said.

Lahodny said that groups to be represented on the mural may include, but are not limited to: the Tachi-Yokut tribe, Europeans, African-Americans, Mexicans, Azoreans, Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asians, East Indians and various military branches.

She said the idea doesn’t need to be drawn it can be just an idea expressed in words. She said the first round of submissions was extremely low.

The final submissions are to be approved by the mural committee and the Lemoore City Council.

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