LEMOORE — The Lemoore Volunteer Fire Department will give an extensive annual report during the study session at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

The report is meant to bring more transparency between the LVFD, the public and the city.

The Council will also vote on amending the current budget to allocate more money to the LVFD.

The Council could approve a budget amendment of $78,053 for additional training, repair/maintenance supplies, and equipment for the LVFD, with money coming from the Capital Improvement Fund. This amendment is coming after an assessment of the LVFD’s funding.

City staff projects expenditures for the LVFD will exceed the annual projection by $70,719.

In a report given at the Feb. 6 City Council meeting by Nathan Olson, city manager, it was stated that the amount volunteer firefighters receive had not been documented formally since 1962. The Council approved to formally document the amount the council had been paying, which is $5 per call.

In 1962, the council agreed to pay the LVFD $2.50 per call. Sometime between then and now the pay increased to $5.

After voting unanimously to formalize the current $5 per call pay, Councilwoman Holly Blair and Councilman David Brown said they would like the city to research the possibility of raising the pay to $7 per call.

There will also be a study session on options for dealing with the quality of city water, specifically contamination by trihalomethane by-products.

The council with then go into closed session to discuss two anticipated litigations, a threat to public services and existing litigation between Griswold, LaSalle, Cobb, Dowd & Gin, L.L.P. and the city.

Mayor Ray Madrigal said the council cannot comment on what threat to public services is at this time, but will report if action is taken.

At 7:30 p.m., the regular session will begin. There are five items on the consent calendar, including the budget amendment for the LVFD.

There will be two public hearings about adopting the by-district election system and vacating a right-of-way along the south side of the Southern Pacific Railroad from Production Avenue to Semas Avenue and from Semas Avenue to Belle Haven Drive.

There are three items of new business.

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