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LEMOORE — The Lemoore City Council approved allocating more funds to its firefighters and approved conditionally a wastewater agreement between Leprino Food and Lemoore for sharing costs and leasing a pipeline. 

The firefighter issue was was a line item in the consent calendar approving transferring funds to the Lemoore Volunteer Fire Department’s budget from the Capital Improvement Fund.

The $78,053 dollars goes toward operating supplies, professional services, training and repair and maintenance.

In a previous City Council meeting, a retired and current volunteer firefighter expressed concerns about working with City Manager Nathan Olson.

The day after that meeting, the volunteer fire chief, Bruce German, said that many of the firefighters' opinions did not reflect on Olson, but rather their experience with previous city managers.

Now two weeks later, when Councilwoman Holly Blair asked if they were able to buy the helmets that they needed, German said the LVFD and Olson worked well together to accomplish that task.

“The city manager has been very cooperative on that,” German said.

German also gave an annual report for 2017. In it, he reported that 60 percent of their calls were under the canceled or good intent category. The majority of these types of calls was when they were dispatched but told at the scene or prior to arrival that their services were not needed.

The city currently pays $5 per call for each volunteer who checks in at the scene.

On average, 13 volunteers show up to these canceled or good intent calls, according to the report.

The Council also approved giving Olson the power to go through with an agreement on cost sharing between Leprino and the City on a wastewater line if wording in the agreement was changed to allow the City to potentially take the water it puts in the pipe and to disallow Leprino from selling its access to the pipeline to a third party.

The amount the Council agreed to pay is contingent on the amount of water the City puts in the pipe compared to the amount Leprino puts in.

The water is currently disposed of at Sandridge properties, which will be paid for disposing of the wastewater. Some of the wastewater is used on Sandridge property that is farmed by Leprino, but Councilman David Brown said the wastewater should be used to provide more benefit to the residents of Lemoore.

Currently, Leprino accounts for 69 percent of the wastewater and the City 31 percent.

With those figures, the city would pay around 31 percent of one-time costs to Sandridge for pipe construction, disposal and canal maintenance, totaling $3,799,800, and annual payments to Sandridge for the lease of the pipe, maintaining the pipe and the electricity to run the pump, totaling $1,080,000.

So with the current flow-rate estimate, the city would pay $1,395,912 for one-time costs and $421,200 for annual payments.

The agreement needed to be finalized before the next City Council meeting, so the Council gave Olson the power to go through with the agreement with two conditions: that Leprino cannot grant use of the pipe to a third party and the city can decide to use wastewater for something else.

Brown and Blair expressed their desire to make this agreement sound for the future of the City. 

Both votes passed 4 to 0 with Councilman Eddie Neal absent.

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