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Bressler and Company

Tracy Bressler and Joe Bressler, owners of Bressler and Company.

LEMOORE — Only a little over a third of businesses in the U.S. last longer than 10 years according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Business Employment Dynamics program. Around 19 percent of businesses last longer than 22 years.

Bressler and Company of Lemoore have served the community for 30 years as an accounting business, and the owners plan to continue and expand their abilities to aid clients in handling and saving money.

The business began in 1988 when Tracy Bressler bought the business from her former business partner.

Tracy, originally from Los Angeles, moved to Lemoore to be closer to her husband’s family. Her husband, Bill Bressler, is also a Certified Public Account. After Bressler and Company opened, he joined a year later to provide quality control. 

Now semi-retired, Bill still helps with quality control during tax season. Tracy is still going strong and said she doesn’t see retirement plans in the near future.

Tracy said that the main part of the success that she has had in her business is due to her team.

“We have become like a family to one another,” she said.

One of those full-time team members is literally her family member. Her son Joe Bressler joined the company 12 years ago.

Before officially working at Bressler and Company, Joe started answering technical questions his mother had for the company. He graduated with a degree in computer science from California State University, Fresno. In his first week of just answering questions, he worked overtime at his mother’s business.

At the time, he owned Paranoid Paintball. He joined Bressler and Company as IT director in 2006 and three years later sold his paintball business.

Joe ended up going back to school to become a CPA.

“Seeing how vastly we change our clients’ lives made me want to become a CPA,” he said.

Joe also saw how technology could help the team of accountants become more efficient. He said that each employee has a minimum of four screens at their desk.

Tracy explained how she is able to do different tasks easily with the multiple monitors and not use a piece of paper to do them.

“We are completely paperless,” Tracy said. “The only real paper we have in this office is what the clients bring us.”

In their home-style office, Bressler and Company offers business accounting and financial reporting, payroll, tax planning, tax return preparation and QuickBooks consulting and training.

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Joe said that Bressler and Company is working on providing wealth management services.

Joe said currently he sees that wealth management companies often don’t know the tax info of the client and when the client later comes to Bressler and Company to do their taxes the company sees that there were ways they could have advised the client to save more money.

Joe said the company is working to find more ways to advise clients on better business practices and to save money.

Joe became the majority shareholder last year.

“He is the succession plan for the business,” Tracy said.

Joe plans on staying with the company for at least 20 years. He said he eventually wants to retire to spend more time with his family and potentially his grandchildren.

For now, Joe said he will continue to try to find new ways to better service Bressler and Company’s clients.

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