HANFORD — Kings County roads will get a $4 million facelift in the coming year, following approval Tuesday from the Kings County Board of Supervisors.

Dominic Tyburski, roads commissioner and public works director for Kings County, requested the adoption of a resolution listing all fiscal year 2021-22 road improvements to be paid for with gas tax revenue. The $4 million will pay for hot mix asphalt overlay, slurry seal and microsurfacing treatment projects.

Passed in 2017, Senate Bill 1 (SB-1) increased the tax on gasoline to fund transportation projects. It marked the first gas tax increase in California since 1994.

The Kings County Board of Supervisors has approved the use of $4 million to improve the county's roads. 

“In order to gain public trust with this new tax, agencies are required to provide a listing of projects, which it intends to complete in the coming year, followed by those completed projects from the previous year,” Tyburski added, speaking of his agencies accountability regarding their projects.

The Kings County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to adopt the resolution.

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