The following is taken from the Kings County Sheriff’s office media report. Those appearing as “arrested” have only been arrested on suspicion of the crime indicated and are presumed innocent.

Kellen Egger, 30, suspicion of Spousal Abuse, Child Endanger; Poss GBI/Death, False Imprisonment related charges

Veronica Andrea Narvaez, 35. Suspicion of Spousal Abuse, ADW - Not Firearm or w/GBI, Trespass; Destroy Stand Timber related charges

Christopher James Kelley, 30 suspicion of Spousal Abuse, Child Endanger; Poss GBI/Death, Poss of Paraphernalia for Unlawful Use,
Post Release Community Supervision Vio related charges

Shadeed Kyle Denson, 33. Suspicion of Spousal Abuse, Grand Theft: Money Labor Personal Property >$950 related charges

Vaughn McCray Jenkins, 23. Suspicion of Battery, Unlawful Touch of Intimate Parts, False Imprisonment, Bench Warrant Felony related charges

Leah Paige Walker, 23. Suspicion of Custody/Care Assault Child(-8)GBI/Death, Flee P/O Disregard for Safety related charges

Raul Padilla, 42. Suspicion of Battery, Serious Bodily Injury related charges

Christina Munoz Mendoza, 38. Suspicion of Spousal Abuse related charges

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