Kings County assessable property value rises to $11.3 billion

The Kings County Government Center is located at 1400 W. Lacey Blvd.

The Kings Board of Supervisor adopted the final budget for fiscal year 2021-2022, among a number of other items which passed with little or no discussion.

The Administration Department brought a balanced budget before the board which was given a temporary go-ahead in a special session. The board approved the budget 5-0.

Interim County Administrative Officer Larry Spikes said the Board had staff to thank for what he called the “shortest budget hearings ever.”

The Finance Department also brought forward an agenda item changing how the County deals with contingency funding.

Instead of putting all extra funds for a department into contingency funding, or emergency funding, Finance Director Jim Erb brought an item which would have 3.5% of extra funds sent to contingency and the rest set aside for large anticipated future expenses.

Erb said those costs include automation replacement for services like scanning, accounting and payroll, and responding to audits. With the change, the County will have $11 million in contingency.

Human Resources took a step towards automation replacement, getting approval from the Board to buy a full suite of software for recruiting, application and on-boarding of new employees.

The Board also approved an additional $84,000 for Kings County Sheriff’s Operations.

Building Site Improvements, to add storm drains to the site, cover the Hanford Fire Department fire inspection fee, add a natural gas line and add an additional 12 parking spots.

The project will now total $732,000 and be completed in February 2022.

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