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City makes headway on yearlong goals
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City makes headway on yearlong goals

HANFORD — The Hanford City Council and the city’s department heads came together Friday in an annual meeting of the minds to talk through the goals and objectives they wish to achieve in the upcoming year.

Here are some of the overarching goals the council made in 2020 that it is bringing into 2021, and how council members and city officials feel the city is progressing on these goals:

Goal 1 – Council will review the Parks Master Plan and prioritize key elements to better coordinate and align park decisions to help advance and achieve improved quality of living for all citizens.

Councilmember John Draxler said he feels the city is just getting started on this goal, but is on the right track with the addition of Parks and Community Services Director Brad Albert.

Albert has begun beautification projects on some of the city’s parks, is seeking grant funding for a possible new 40-acre park on the east side of Hanford and his idea for a Parks Resource Officer was recently approved by council.

Goal 2 – Council will review all city-owned properties and take formal action as appropriate to ensure that property management decisions help to advance and achieve improved quality of living for all citizens.

“I think it’s still a work in progress,” Councilmember Kalish Morrow said of this goal. “Off the top of my head I can’t think of all the city-owned properties but I think that we’re moving along on a few of them at the moment.”

Cifuentez agreed, saying staff has gotten a lot of direction from council on some of the properties and they’re still trying to determine the best course of action for them and the city. Some of the properties include the Old Courthouse, the Carnegie Museum, the old Goodwill building, and the Veteran’s Building.

Goal 3 – The city of Hanford and all its citizens will be kept informed of important city matters through a well-aligned and multi-faceted system of public communications.

Cifuentez said this is the goal the city has been least successful at so far. On the upside, he said the city has started to engage community partners to get its message out.

One of the ideas Cifuentez had was to poll the community on how members would best like to see the city’s information disseminated, like through the city website or social media platforms.

“We need to determine how our public wants to receive information from us and then tackle this,” Cifuentez said. “We have a lot of work left to do on this.”

Goal 4 – The city of Hanford will provide the best possible services and enforcements to preserve and enhance the health, safety and individual rights of all citizens.

Cifuentez mentioned the implementation of a community enhancement officer and things like the shopping cart ordinance as just a few examples of some objectives that help to meet this overall goal.

Mayor Francisco Ramirez said he believes the city can continue to strive for this goal by providing more tools to enhance the programs that have been implemented.

Public Works Director John Doyel added this was a good broad goal that every department in the city could have objectives for on a yearly basis.

“We can always, as a staff, come up with objectives that always meet that goal in everything we do,” Doyel said.

Goal 5 – All parties interacting with the city of Hanford at all levels shall experience positive, efficient and effective customer service.

“I love that it’s up there. I’d love to keep it up there,” Vice Mayor Diane Sharp said of the goal, which was written on a large paper hung up on the wall during the meeting.

Ramirez agreed, saying perhaps that was a goal that the city would be able to achieve and remove soon.

“We’ve come a long way,” Draxler added.

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