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You Can Now Buy A Keg Of Ranch Dressing

Is ranch dressing your favorite condiment of all time? If so, you might want to sit down because we have some very good news for you!

You can now buy a KEG of ranch dressing. That’s right, a keg. Hidden Valley, arguably the most beloved brand of ranch dressing, has just unveiled its latest offering: A Hidden Valley Ranch keg.

Inside of this keg is a YEAR’S worth of ranch dressing. So whether you love to enjoy ranch with your pizza, your wings, your jalapeno poppers, your veggies or your salad (or, duh, all of the above!), Hidden Valley’s got you covered for a full 365 days.

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Oh, and don’t worry—the special inside coating promises to “meet FDA specifications” and keep the “ranch tasting fresh” for the entirety of 2018.

The keg retails for $50, and it is available for pre-order now. Shipping will begin on Dec. 11, which means you can get this bad boy in time for Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa. Imagine their surprise when your loved ones discover a keg of ranch nestled under the tree!

Also worth nothing: These kegs are stackable, meaning that if you buy more than one, storing won’t be too difficult. (If you are worried you won’t have enough pantry space, these numbers may help: The keg is 9.7 inches tall and 6.3 inches around).

How hilariously perfect would this keg be at a Superbowl party? Finally, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of ranch at the worst possible moment. (Side note: Why do pizza delivery places ALWAYS seem to forget the ranch you specifically requested?)

Oh, and here are a couple more gifts you might consider for the ranch-lover in your life:

Alittleawesome, Etsy

Yes, this necklace will let everyone know that you are a ranch fanatic! Find it on Etsy at Alittleawesome.

Or how about this hilarious t-shirt? Find it on Etsy at store XpressionTees.

XpressionTees, Etsy

Or what about this clever t-shirt design from DalbeyDesigns on Etsy?

DalbeyDesigns, Etsy

Ranch dressing is a blessing, indeed! Now the only question is: Is it enough a blessing that you want a keg of it in your pantry?

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