Betty Bowden

Betty Bowden

20 Years Ago

Cough! Concerned about your lungs? Move to Philadelphia! Actually that’s probably a bad idea too, as of the latest “State of the Air” report by the American Lung Association, they place the City of Brotherly Love’s atmosphere as #10 of the worst places to try to breathe in America. The Valley came in at second, third, and fourth, depending if you claim Bakersfield (2), Fresno (3), or Visalia-Tulare-Portervillle (4) as your neighbor. If that doesn’t give enough reason to start hacking, the future looks even worse! According to the same report, 1,200 old, polluting diesel generators are ready to be powered up when rolling blackouts occur this summer, a friendly fact that will amount to adding tons of gunk to our already gunk-laden air. What’s a poor lung to do?

Lemoore citizens were able to get a sneak preview of the Lemoore Transitional Home on Friday, April 27, when the Kings County Transitional Home Committee opened the old Meyer Ranch Home to the public.

35 Years Ago

The Navy has sent the USS Enterprise, with two Lemoore Naval Air Station squadrons onboard, into the Mediterranean Sea to join two carriers already there. The 90,000 ton carrier and her escort ships reportedly completed the trip of about 20 hours through the Suez Canal early Tuesday, then sailed westward to join the USS Coral Sea and the USS America. Both carriers, deployed in the central Mediterranean north of Libya, saw action during the recent bombing strikes at terrorist targets in Tripoli and Benghazi.

Lemoore High School student John F. Houseman became an Eagle Scout during a Court of Honor held April 22 in the Lemoore Veteran’s Hall. A member of Boy Scout Troop 480 headed by Scout Master Jerry Jones, Houseman’s Eagle Scout project provided a complete dinner for 200 senior citizens and needy residents of Kings County. The youngster’s parents are Diane and Earl F. Houseman of Lemoore.

80 Years Ago

Many Lemooreans braved a wet evening to journey to Hanford to hear Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt speak Tuesday night, under the auspices of the recently formed Kings County Cultural committee. The gracious Eleanor faced an audience of 1200 attentive listeners who heard her discuss the “Outlook for America.” Emphasizing the responsibilities of citizens of the last remaining democracy, Mrs. Roosevelt held that the hope of a lasting peace lies with future action of the people of this nation.  Big grins on freckled faces shone over the Advance office’s front counter when Richard Hardin and Gene Platz came in last Thursday with a good-sized land turtle. “We found him,” the boys chorused, “and he must belong to somebody, “cuz see the big letter P on his back. Will you put it in the paper that we found him?” Modestly disclaiming total credit for the capture of the creature, the boys insisted that their pals, Leroy Rupe and Jimmy Dozier, should be included as co-discoverers, and also “get their names in the paper.” So this week “Exhibit A” in the lost and found department of this newspaper is one hardshell turtle. Owner please claim!

85 Years Ago

Last traces of the old horse-racing track, which drew sports lovers to Lemoore 40 years ago, disappeared this week as work on a new recreation park for Lemoore was started Tuesday when WPA workers from other completed projects were transferred to the Lemoore Golf Course’s undertaking of a $24,939 recreational program. Execution of plans made by the Lemoore Golf Club and the City of Lemoore will require 366 man months, and will provide employment for a crew of 72 men, according to project requisitions. Men assigned to work, Tuesday, began filling low spots around greens on the nine-hole golf course which will be built on the northern portion of an 80 acre tract, purchased last fall by the Lemoore Golf Club and donated to the city.

90 Years Ago

The severe wind storm caused considerable damage on the Island last week. Several large trees were blown over, a power pole caught on fire and burned, causing people at the lower end of the Island to be without electricity for a short time. A large tree limb fell across Mr. Matt Abbott’s touring car, completely destroying the top. Mr. Tremble’s airplane shed was completely destroyed.

The city trustees have decided to install three public watering troughs, at convenient points, for the use of the general public. One will be located on Front street and another on Fox street.

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