Betty Bowden

Betty Bowden

20 Years Ago

The students, staff, and community at Mary Immaculate Queen School (MIQ) in Lemoore are working under a new leader – one with plenty of sparkle and stamina. Sister Emeline of the Carmelite Sisters of Teresa took over the principal position in August. She took over the helm of MIQ from Sister Marion who returned to India as secretary to the Superior General of the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa.

The Civil War, as recreated last weekend in Hickey Park, may have been 135 years ago, but the back powder charge of the field artillery piece made a boom just the same. The Civil War Reenactment Society presented a battle between the 3rd Confederate Infantry and the 6th Iowa Volunteers, complete with an encampment to show visitors how soldiers lived.

30 Years Ago

Remembering the missing in action is the theme of this year’s POW/MIA gathering in Kings County and Lemoore as hundreds are expected to gather at Hickey Park and then Lemoore City Park to honor those listed as missing in action in Vietnam, Korea, and the Second World War.

The First Malibu Weekend was held this past weekend at the office of Lemoore’s Dr. Jesse Liscomb. Over 28 people on Saturday and another 13 on Sunday, took part in two days of fitness, nutritional eating, and lectures in what Dr. Liscomb called Hands on to Better Health Malibu Weekend. The program included aerobics, nutritional lectures, cross-training at the Lemoore Fitness Center, cosmetic facials, swim aerobics, and more. Liscomb says there may be more Malibu Weekends in Lemoore’s future. Leading the aerobic class was Michelle Souza.

80 Years Ago

An important night on the calendar of the Lemoore Kiwanians is next Wednesday evening when the local club will observe its first anniversary. Ladies’ night is scheduled, with members of the Hanford Kiwanis and their ladies invited as special guests. The Hanford club will be honored as the parent club of the local organization according to President Lloyd Coats.

Did you get a chance to contribute to the aluminum collection drive? If not, don’t worry. The shortage of scrap metal remains acute. Defense needs, reports the OPM, require collection of all unused or discarded metals on “almost every farm, in almost every attic, basement, or barn in the country.” The demand is still on. Can you help meet it?

The once very real spectre of unemployment which stalked the land has been beating a steady retreat these last twelve months. At the rate of 300,000 a month, the ranks of the unemployed have been depleted by the return of workers to private payrolls since August, 1940. The back-to-work march of these 3,600,000 has brought to 50,500,000 the number of employed in the United States today. It will take a titanic amount of brain and brawn on the part of any other power to out-produce a labor force more than 50 million strong – and still growing.

85 Years Ago

Tat Esrey, pioneer resident of Lemoore, celebrated his 80th birthday yesterday. He moved into this part of the country in 1862 and according to Mr. Esrey, during the wettest season this Valley has ever known. Mr. Esrey is the father of J.W. Esrey, Burt Esrey, and Mrs. Leslie Dolan.

The Stratford grammar school opened Monday. Included on the teaching staff are: Miss Irene Wild, kindergarten; Miss Soberanes, first and second; Miss Kargas, third and fourth; Miss Smith, fifth; Miss Crumly, sixth; Miss Powers, seventh; Principal Weir G. Smith, eighth.

100 Years Ago

Plans for a big rodeo have been completed, and the people of Lemoore will have an opportunity to see one of the greatest wild west shows ever exhibited in the San Joaquin valley. The performance will consist of all the real thrilling and exciting western stunts and this show is known all over California for its rough riding cowboys and wild stock and they will be seen in some of the most spectacular pastimes of the ranges. It will be held at the Lemoore Baseball park Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 17 and 18, 1921. Manville carries his own stock with him and has some well-known horses such as Super-Six, The Demon, Bear-Cat, No-Man’s Horse and many others. The first four mentioned, it is said, make their riders think they are flirting with the undertaker.

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