Betty Bowden

Betty Bowden

20 Years Ago

When Fred Rogers announced his retirement from PBS last week, parents and children across the nation bemoaned the loss of a gentle, caring individual who kept his program soft, warm, and entertaining. He was a man who reminded children that they were good people destined to do great things. In the macho-culture so prevalent in the 1960s and 70s, Rogers became a joke. Comics loved to imitate and berate his gentle voice, his misty eyes and soft laugh. Then came his appearance on Late Night with Johnny Carson. Carson and co-host Ed McMahon had been ripping into Rogers for years. We watched to see the action, hoping Rogers would land a few good rips of his own. Instead, he impressed upon them how important respect and emotion are in everybody’s lives. By the time the interview was finished, both Carson and McMahon gave Rogers a standing ovation and apology. Fred Rogers taught children to love and respect each other. He also taught men that it was more than OK to allow themselves to be gentle, that it was a necessity to respond emotionally to their small children.

25 Years Ago

Local author/storyteller Rick Rossiter’s newest children’s picture book has been published by Willowisp Press in St. Petersburg, Florida. “Mommy I Need Your Help” is a contemporary story intended for the pre-school to 8-year-old child. His first book, “The Greedy Man in the Moon,” was published in 1994 by Riverbank Press and has sold 80,000 copies throughout North America. Rossiter’s third book, tentatively titled. “Mixed Up Michael,” is in production and scheduled in January.

35 Years Ago

Another Lemoore Youth Soccer League season will unfold this Saturday, with kickoff ceremonies scheduled at 9 a.m. Nearly 350 youngsters between the ages of six and 18 are taking part this year, a figure which does not include Lemoore Naval Air Station participants. This year’s LYSL board members are Norm Lessard, president; Bill Siegel, vice president, Dick Polder; treasurer; Marge Sweitzer, player representative; Jerry Schwab, chief referee; Ginny Costa, secretary; and Sandy Souza, publicity.

40 Years Ago

If the prominence of a town can be measured by its street signals, then the city of Lemoore took a step towards a little more visibility Tuesday night when the city council approved installation of a signal light at the intersection of Lemoore Avenue and D Street. Approved by a 4-0 vote (Mayor Jim Forte was absent), the move was suggested by the consulting firm TJKM of Walnut Creek after the group completed an analysis of traffic patterns in the area in July. City manager Bill Drennen noted that Lemoore could do without the traffic signal lights for perhaps three years, but said he felt that the signal light could be more efficiently installed at the time of the Lemoore widening project.

50 Years Ago

Lemoore area students will be getting a vacation just two days after school starts here Tuesday when schools close for Admission Day observance. School starts at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday – Thursday, September 7, is a holiday – and school resumes at 8:30 a.m. Friday.

 A 40-pound flathead catfish, caught on the All American Canal near El Centro by an Imperial Valley angler, has been entered in the Department of Fish and Game record book as the largest of that species ever taken in California.

60 Years Ago

Reeves Field To Be Name Of Air Strip On Station – In dedication ceremonies to be held Oct. 27, the air field at Lemoore Naval Air Station officially will be designated Admiral Reeves Field in honor of the late Admiral Joseph M. Reeves, a key Navy figure whose active career extended from the Spanish-American War and through World War II.

100 Years Ago

Six pupils applied to take the high school entrance examination held today and yesterday at the high school building. There were two from Lemoore, two from Stratford, and two from the Empire school district. In Hanford there were sixteen — twelve in the regular mid-year class and four of similar rank to the six in Lemoore.

Bruce and Elvin Henley had their tonsils removed at the Sacred Heart Hospital yesterday but are home today feeling fine.

Charlie Bailey, Ben Hancock, and Barre Phipps returned home Monday morning from a fishing trip in the high Sierras. They packed back from Huntington Lake and report the fishing to be great up there now.

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