Betty Bowden

Betty Bowden

20 Years Ago

Clarence Atwell, Jr., spiritual leader for the Tachi-Yokuts and Mike Cisco, tribal administrator, offered prayers and tobacco to the east as part of the dedication of the Palace Indian Gaming Casino’s new addition. Opened to the public on Monday, Oct. 8, the new addition features a three-story escalator for easier access to third floor dining and gaming. The 13,000 sq. ft. expansion allows for a larger arcade room, new restrooms, better traffic flow to a new information desk, and 100 more slot machines.

25 Years Ago

A gala Grand Opening of Avalon, a unique new Lemoore community, was held Saturday, Sept. 14, and Sunday, Sept. 15. Starting in the mid-$90,000’s, Avalon offers a unique setting, classic architecture, and sufficient options to meet almost every buyers needs. Located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Highway 41 and Cinnamon Drive, Avalon brings the best of yesterday and today. Nestled behind a five foot high berm, lushly landscaped with a variety of trees and shrubbery, Avalon is buffered from the noise and commotion of surrounding streets and highways.

30 Years Ago

Kmart announced last week that its new 86,500 square-feet Kmart discount department store, currently under construction in Lemoore at 215 West Hanford-Armona Road, is projected to open in November.

50 Years Ago

Some Congressmen are loudly complaining that President Nguyen Van Thieu’s government has not established a real Democracy in South Vietnam and that therefore he should be either ousted or forced to postpone a national election for which plans have already long been made. Congressmen are urging this be done under threat that otherwise American troops will be immediately and completely withdrawn.

55 Years Ago

On Oct. 1, 1966, Ensign Howard C. Wolf, a young pilot from Attack Squadron 23 celebrated his 24th birthday with an unwanted gift from the North Vietnamese during the Viet Nam War. Gearing up for a big attack at Thanh Hoa, the air was full of flak. He rolled in, dropped heavy bombs and began a high-speed pull out. Before he had a chance to congratulate himself, he heard a loud explosion in the cockpit and felt a stabbing pain as a bullet tore into his right leg below the knee. He radioed the ship to prepare for an emergency landing. On the flight deck of the USS Coral Sea, emergency crews readied themselves to do whatever necessary to help the wounded pilot. The pilot realized he was losing blood so he took the elastic strap holding his noteboard to his thigh and cinched it tightly around his leg. The makeshift tourniquet no doubt helped save his life as did the smelling salts in the emergency equipment. The ship’s surgeon stated after the miraculous landing, “ it was a miracle that a bullet as large as that didn’t do more damage. If it hadn’t been decelerated by the aircraft fuselage and missed all the vital arteries and nerves when it struck, he probably would have lost his leg or enough blood to produce unconsciousness during the flight.” With a two-ounce chunk of metal as a birthday present from the North Vietnamese, ENS Wolf looked forward to his 25th birthday.

80 Years Ago

“Look Gals, on the top of the shoulder, right at the spot, where if he was an Admiral, there would be an epaulets. When you see a gold bar, he’s a 2nd lieutenant, if it’s a silver bar he’s a 1st lieutenant. Two bars make him a captain, and if it’s oak leaves he’s a major. If you see any stars, that’ll be a general. And that’s enough for the first lesson.”

95 Years Ago

Another addition to the dairy industry of Lemoore has been made in the entry into the local field of the Western Condensing Co., whose headquarters are located in Eureka. The old winery plant just south of the city limits on Lemoore avenue, have been leased and under the direction of W.H. Ward, a representative of the company, is being remodeled and equipped for the manufacture of dry milk for poultry feed.

Attention of our readers is called to the invitation on another page of C.F. Stockdale, of the Lemoore Battery Works to attend a demonstration of the Atwater-Kent Radio at 10:30 Saturday morning. The world’s series baseball game play by play will be reported.

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