Betty Bowden

Betty Bowden

25 Years Ago

Were you ready for the fog this morning? Did you allow for the additional time needed to drive safely in the fog? The fog season is here and motorists will have to contend with it for some time to come. Be prepared for the fog every day. Nov. 11, 12, and 13 added seven collisions to Kings County highways and 11 people were injured. Highways were closed, motorists were detoured, and countless emergency personnel were committed to these extremely hazardous scenes. The resources of the California Highway Patrol, fire departments, ambulance services, tow trucks, road crews, and most other law enforcement agencies were stretched to the limit. Dense fog was a factor in each of the collisions. 

Six people were inducted into the Lemoore Youth Sports Foundation Hall of Fame at the first annual induction dinner Saturday night at the Gene Stebbins Community Building. Marion Wilson, Speed Rhoads, Dan Rico, Jan Zanola, Bill Zanola, and John Vieira were honored for their contributions to youth sports in Lemoore. Nominees were not aware of their selections.

Five Lemoore High School volleyball players were named to the all-West Yosemite League volleyball team recently by the WYL coaches. Senior middle blocker Janette Fetterly and senior setter Theresa Cash received first-team honors. Senior outside hitter Beth Mello and junior middle blocker Devin Garman were named to the second team and senior defensive specialist Mary Thomas received an honorable mention.

30 Years Ago

Central Union School held a dress-up “History Day” on Nov. 22, where the students and faculty members donned costumes depicting their favorite historical characters.

Christmas ’91 officially arrives in this portion of Kings County on Sunday with Lemoore’s Open House and 66th annual lighting of the Christmas tree, sponsored by the Lemoore District Chamber of Commerce. The theme for this year’s event is, “A Dickens’ Christmas,” adopted from the popular novel by Charles Dickens, “The Christmas Carol.”

35 Years Ago 

Lemoore High School may be one of the first school districts in California to be allowed to replace its underground tanks for gasoline and diesel fuel storage with aboveground tanks — if the aboveground models can pass state fire safety tests. Although aboveground storage already is allowed for many business and governmental agencies, fuel tanks on school campuses have to be buried, Superintendent Allen O. Gilkey, notes.

80 Years Ago

There may be trouble in the coal mines and war threats in Tokio (Tokyo), but you can’t stop the cheery tread of the nation’s shoppers, mobilizing for one of the biggest Christmas buying parades in history. Not since the days of ’29 has the season of holly and mistletoe ushered in a shopping parade as big as this year’s promises to be and for the very good reason that the national income this year will probably reach the record-making total of $85 billion. This Christmas shoppers are warned more than ever to shop early. Priority demands may make it difficult or impossible for retailers to secure additional goods in many lines when present supplies are exhausted.

85 Years Ago

Preparations are being made for planting another large acreage of sugar beets in the Stratford district, according to reports from farmers. Union Sugar company of Beteravia, which contracted for all Kings county acreage last year, is again in the field, and rumor has it that the Spreckels Sugar company, which owns a large block of land along the west rim of the lake basin, is expected to enter the field with its own lands and also with contracted acreage.

It’s about the time of year, now, for the strange metamorphosis in the conduct of children. The normal amount of childish petulancy is fading, being miraculously supplemented by the temperament of angels. They run errands eagerly. They eat their spinach. And at bed time they go to bed willingly, without admonition. You guessed the reason. Christmas is near!

90 Years Ago

Many Lemoore fans are interested in the College of Pacific-Fresno State game on Thanksgiving, in Fresno. Three Lemoore boys and a former resident here are playing C.O.P., Glenn O’Dale, Bruce Henley, George Truckell, of Lemoore, and Leland Fulghun of Oakdale.

110 Years Ago

Several members of the Duck and Booze Club will leave Sunday for a trip across the lake in the gasoline launch, ‘Rilla.” The party composed of A.B. Buckner, F.L. Powell, High Dockstader, B.H. Hancock, C.H. Bailey, Clay Peebles, and D.R. Blanhard, who is a crack shot and will feast on Mulligan stew and the chef, High Dockstader, will be manager of the culinary department.

A. Braum now drives two horses to his bakery wagon, as his increasing business made the load too heavy for one horse.

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