Betty Bowden

Betty Bowden

20 Years Ago

Rain + power outage + drainage failure = flooding. According to city public works director David Wlaschin, Lemoore survived two storms this week, one dropping a quarter inch of rain on Saturday and another 1.56 inches on Monday afternoon. The city survived, but not without a few problems. On Monday evening, people living on Hazelwood Drive found themselves trapped by water and without electricity when two transformers failed. According to Wlaschin, when the transformers went out, so did the pumps.

30 Years Ago

Another local businessman is calling it quits. John-Gerald’s clothing store, owned and managed by Alan Escola for the past 15 years, and in business in Lemoore since 1949, will be closing up shop within the next month. Escola told The Lemoore Advance that while business has been good, he decided to make a career move. Escola purchased the business in 1976 from longtime Lemoore businessman Jerry Bendele, who opened John- Geralds in 1949. According to Escola a clothing store has been in that location since the 1920s.

On Monday, Lemoore’s new Kmart will open its doors to the public in what is called a “quiet” opening. A new Save Mart, also currently under construction, will officially open on Dec. 11 at the new site. A number of other retail lots will open in the coming months. Among the new tenants, expected to be in place by the first of the year, are Eye Design, Family Rental Center, Photo Express, and Subway Sandwiches.

35 Years Ago

Lemoore Naval Air Station-based reserve unit VFA-303 has been named the Naval Reserve’s top carrier-capable aviation squadron. Squadron commanding officer Cmdr. Jon Green, received the F. Trubee Davison Award during the 30th annual Tailhook Symposium held in early October.

85 Years Ago

Among the many wonders of the world within the borders of California, another takes its place this week — a new, man-made colossus of steel and concrete that brings realization, at least, to a dream decades old. It is the bridge that spans San Francisco Bay, the greatest bridge in the world; and the bay cities, with all California participating, are observing its opening in a celebration appropriately immense. From Wednesday through Saturday it lasts, with three parades and a pageant of light, with regattas and speeches and ballroom festivities. Its eight and one-quarter mile length is three times that of the famed Firth of Fourth bridge in Scotland, and it dwarfs such other engineering triumphs as the George Washington and Brooklyn Bridges across the Hudson, and the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit. The rest of the world, outdone, looks on as the Bay Bridge opens. So, perhaps, does the astonished ghost of Don Gaspar Portola, who discovered the bay in 1769; and perhaps looking on also are the ghosts of those dreamers who first envisioned such a bridge more than half a hundred years ago, and were laughed at for their dreams.

90 Years Ago

Local interest has been aroused by sale in partition of the Heinlen ranch west of Lemoore. This ranch, once the ten and more thousand domain of John Heinlen, is being broken up by the wheels of progress. The subdivision of the vast unused acreage has cut a millstone away from the neck of Lemoore. Among the local men who have already bought parcels of the property are W.L. Scally, J.W. McGlashan and M.F. Mattos.

110 Years Ago

The Pride of New York, an aggregation of high kickers and barnstormers appeared at the opera house here Tuesday evening. The people became disgusted paying 75c a ticket to see padded stockings and cheap vaudeville. There is nothing in the performance of the “Pride of New York” that is worthy of the support of the theatre-going public.

120 Years Ago

Lemoore now has three barber shops. M. Trizzi has moved into J.W. Belknap’s building on Heinlen street, and J.W. Dockstader will conduct a barber shop in the place just vacated by Mr. Tuzzi.

Carpenter Dunn has completed the erection of a small office at the north end of the firehouse, which will be fitted with desks, etc., for the use of the city clerk and other officers, and in which the city property will be kept.

J.H. Clawson, the carpenter, has completed the Moody residence north of the railroad, and it is one of the neatest in the town.

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