Betty Bowden

Betty Bowden

20 Years Ago

The City of Lemoore’s Redevelopment Agency (RDA) has been awarded a $1 million community development block grant to provide the majority of financing for renovation of the historic – 106-year-old – Antler Hotel in downtown Lemoore. The renovation project, expected to start “in nine months or so,” according to City Manager Steve Froberg, will cost about $1.625 million and will allow the second floor – along with the outside of the building – to be rebuilt for 10 low/moderate income housing units for seniors. The renovation will probably be similar to that done last year on the Lucerne Hotel, a youngster at 103.

30 Years Ago

“Is it a tree or is it a bush,” asked Barbara Wycoff, city councilmember, at the July 2 city council meeting, “Well it all depends on how its trimmed.” The subject was the Master Tree List revisions in which the council approved the addition of three species of trees to the list. The African Fern Pine was approved to be deleted from the list, the reason being that if not trimmed properly, it may look somewhat like a bush and not a tree. The trees approved were the Chinese hackberry, the Red Oak, and the Chitalpa. This brings the total to 31 street trees on the approved street tree list.

A partial solar eclipse will be visible throughout the Southwestern United States today. In those states, the moon will cover about 60 percent of the sun. A full eclipse will be visible in Hawaii. Making this the last total solar eclipse visible from the United States in the 20th century.

35 Years Ago

Former Lemoore Mayor Don Casten has been named foreman of the 1986-87 Kings County Grand Jury. Casten, who is currently the chairman of Lemoore Seniors, Inc., is retired and has the time necessary to devote to the investigatory body. Other Lemoore residents selected for the grand jury are Melvin E. Braden, Mary Frances Edwards, and Harold Leroy Jones.

National Age Group Track and Field Association National Championship qualifiers are Adam Hendricks, Julie Oliveira, Scott Crane, Ryan Silva, and Janea Oliveira.

50 Years Ago

The first meeting of the California Cotton Task Force established to work on the Better Cotton Yield Campaign for 1971 will be held at Tagus Ranch July 13. Jack G. Stone of Stratford and Dr. George B. Alcorn of the University of California Berkeley, state co-chairmen, announced that the meeting will begin at 10 a.m.

  Assemblyman Gordon W. Duffy announced Friday that Governor Reagan has approved a $235,818 grant to the Kings County Community Action Agency. The grant, from the federal Office of Economic Opportunity. will be used for next year’s Headstart program in Kings County. Now in its fifth year, the program presently includes disadvantaged preschool children throughout the county.

70 Years Ago

Opening Saturday in a new location is Nateva’s, a well-known local shop with a new name. Formerly Ann-Nat’s Specialty Shop for Women, the firm is changing its firm name and its business location all at the same time.

80 Years Ago

First opportunity to learn directly of actual Air Corps plans for the personnel and organization at Lemoore Field was given to the Kiwanians and their guests when Major Kenneth F. MacNaughton of the U.S. Army Air Corps spoke here. The affair was planned to honor two local men, W.W. Sheahan and S.H. Ross who have been active in aiding the procurement of Lemoore Field as an Army base and Major MacNaughton as special guest of the evening, who flew in late yesterday afternoon.

100 Years Ago

The schooner Maud, of Captain Amundsen, the Arctic explorer, has been found by the United States coast guard cutter Bear, and both vessels now are at Whalen, Siberia, the treasury department today announced. A radio message from the Bear, sent out to find the Amundsen craft, which the explorer was forced to abandon when it became frozen in the ice, stated that the cutter would tow the explorer’s ship to Nome, Alaska, as soon as the weather moderated.

The new and energetic news reporter for the Advance is taking this week off to attend the Sierra Chautauqua with a bunch of other young ladies of Lemoore.

Geo. Brown was in town today where he had his auto in the hospital for a minor operation.

120 Years Ago

Johnny Brothers and wife were the recipients of a first-class charivari on Wednesday evening. Judging from the noise emanating from the direction of Mr. Brothers’ residence, there was a goodly number of dynamiters in attendance.

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