Betty Bowden

Betty Bowden

20 Years Ago

The Santa Rosa Rancheria will host its annual youth Pow-Wow Aug, 24-26. Last year’s celebration saw over 300 young dancers participate from tribes throughout California and the southwest. Open to the public, dancing begins with the grand entry at 9 a.m. in the Palace concert area. Also on top will be a fast pitch men and women softball tournament, a community picnic, carnival, Indian arts and crafts, and a public street dance on Saturday, Aug. 25, beginning at 9 p.m. on 16th Avenue.

25 Years Ago

Three Navy Carrier air wings relocating to Lemoore – The Navy’s presence in Lemoore is about to grow a bit, based on some federal base closure decisions made in 1993. A move based on the findings of the 1993 BRAC commission will relocate Carrier Air Wings (CVW) 2, 11, and 14 from Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego to Lemoore sometime between now and 1998. The Navy’s original thought was to move the wings to North Island Naval Air Station.

Congressman Cal Dooley, D-Hanford, was recently named Legislator of the Year by the Chemical Producers and Distributors Association. Dooley received the honor for his outstanding leadership in sponsoring the public Health Pesticides Protection Act.

30 Years Ago

First Lemoore man orbiting the earth – Michael Baker piloting NASA’s 42nd mission – Lemoore’s Clyde and Barbara Baker are finalizing plans this week for a trip to Houston where they’ll meet their son, pilot Michael Baker. The younger Baker, on Sunday, will be coming off a nine-day trip of his own. By the time the parents meet the son, young Baker will have just spent nine days orbiting the earth in the space shuttle Atlantis. Michael Baker, 38, is a native of Lemoore. He graduated, as did his brothers and sisters, from Lemoore High School. Michael is a 1971 graduate.

40 Years Ago

Clarence D. Willis, Lemoore’s 1980 Citizen of the Year, a charter member of the Lemoore Volunteer Fire Department, and a man instrumental in bringing a Naval Air Station to Lemoore, died Thursday in a Hanford hospital at the age of 85. Willis, better known as “C.D.,” retired as manager of Crocker National Bank in 1960 after a banking career spanning almost 41 years. He joined the First National Bank in 1919 – then located at the corner of Fox and D streets – as a bookkeeper and two years later was appointed an assistant cashier.

80 Years Ago

Dr. B.H. Pratt, local physician and surgeon, was returned to his home north of Lemoore yesterday after a brief stay in a Hanford hospital. Pratt was the victim of a bull pastured at his country home north of town, and sustained severe bruises and a bad thumping when the suddenly angered animal attacked him as he was walking through a fenced area. Johnson, a ranch assistant, belabored the bull with an iron bar and prevented further injury to the Lemoore man. The accident occurred last Sunday evening.

 No mere fish story but real evidence was hauled in at the end of W.H. Mahan’s line last month while he was fishing at Half Moon Bay. Mahan, a well known resident of this city, recently spent a vacation period at the coast and while there, indulged in his pet pastime, fishing. Mahan’s piscatorial prowess netted him two fine striped bass, one an eighteen pounder, the other just a pound less. According to the Lemoore man, it took from fifteen to twenty minutes to land the big fellows, and he caught them both the same day, one right after another.

100 Years Ago

The service station formerly known as the Star Service Station, located at the corner of E and Heinlen streets, will henceforth do business under the name of the Lemoore Service Station according to the plans of the new owner, Mr. H. H. Hancock who has had charge of the station for the past two weeks.

Five weeks from yesterday, the local high school will begin its fall term, according to present plans of the school authorities. The high school will start Sept. 12. Only two of last year’s staff of teachers will not be back, and to take the places of these two, three more teachers have been located and engaged.

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