Take a stroll through your garden with a morning cup of coffee or tea.


  • Collect ripened seeds of favorites and store for next year.
  • Start planning for fall planting. Select plants that are resistant to common diseases and
  • insect pests and choose an appropriate site for each one.
  • Stake tall or top-heavy plants such as dahlias and lilies.

Source: Adapted from A Gardener’s Companion for the Central San Joaquin Valley, 3rd edition, currently available from Fresno County Master Gardeners for $30. These can be purchased at our demonstration garden-Garden of the Sun (1750 N. Winery (McKinley/Winery), open Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 am to Noon and via email at mgfresno@ucdavis.edu. Gardening questions answered as well at mgfresno@ucdavis.edu. Prepared by Judy Parker, Master Gardener UCCE Fresno County.

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