Will March be rainy, frosty, windy, sunny, snowy, or all of the above? That would be normal. Spring is in the air, but we could have reminders of winter and hints of summer all month. Then again, we could have endless warm days and cool nights. That is all typical of spring in foothill, mountain and valley California. With all the precipitation we’ve received, expect abundant growth especially in our California native plants and lots of flowers.

PLANTING: Spring is the second season of major planting. You can plant all varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials, ground covers and vines. In the edible garden, plant heat-lovers like cucumber, tomato, melon, beans, eggplant and squash towards the end of the month. You can also plant potato, radish, chives, greens, beets, and herbs of all types. Citrus, avocado, and other frost-sensitives should also be planted late in the month to avoid late-frost damage.           

When buying citrus, please be sure to buy from a reputable Tulare or Kings County nursery so we don’t spread the Asian citrus psyllid. That means saying “no” to the neighbor or family member who has an extra citrus tree for you, and that means not bringing citrus trees into the county from elsewhere in the State. There are regulations about movement of bulk quantities of citrus fruit to save the California citrus industry, much of which is in our counties. You can find out more from the CDFA website or read the University of California Pest Note at: http://ipm.ucanr.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn74155.html

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