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If you’re like most wine lovers, you probably can’t wait to serve that bottle you just picked up from the store. But waiting to decant your wine after opening it is well worth it. Here are 3 reasons you should try decanting your next bottle of wine.

1) Decanting removes sediment.

If you’re a fan of vintage wines, you’ve probably noticed some separation and sediment as your wine ages. Not only does this sediment look less clean in the glass—it can also make that Bordeaux you’ve been saving for a special occasion taste sour. Decanting wine removes sediment and allows the full flavors of vintage wines to shine.

2) It will make your wine more flavorful.

You don’t have to wait to open an aged bottle to decant your wine. Try using a wine decanter on everyday wines that are full-bodied and tannic like a new Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon. The aeration will bring out more subtle flavors and smells that can be hard to find in these younger wines.

3) You’ll get rid of wine-killing compounds.

If you notice a sulfur smell when opening wine, too much hydrogen sulfide has probably built up in the bottle. Similarly, wines that taste overly tannic probably have too much carbon dioxide in the bottle. Letting these wines breathe for thirty minutes to an hour in a decanter can save the bottle and helps these overwhelming compounds dissipate.

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