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Amazon Launchpad brings some of the most innovative products from startups to customers, from delicious snacks to beauty brands—but the gadgets really make us feel like we’re living in the future. Every smart home enthusiast should try these 3 new gadgets.

1) Awair Air Quality Monitor

Want a healthier home? This air quality monitor from Awair makes it easier than ever to track toxins, chemicals, dust, CO2, humidity, and temperature. The monitor connects with Nest or Alexa to offer insights into your home’s air quality, and personalized tips for improvement. The monitor comes in walnut, or pastel pink and green for nurseries.

2) Sideclick Universal Remote

If you’re tired of juggling half a dozen remotes, Sideclick can help you streamline your living room. This slip universal remote attachment clips on to Amazon Fire’s streaming device remote and Echo Voice Remote and eliminates the need for separate remotes for TV volume, cable channel switching, Blu Ray players, and DVD players.

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3) Perfect Bake Pro Smart Kitchen Scale

This wireless smart scale from Perfect Company makes hassle-free baking a breeze. The scale connects to a user-friendly recipe app (choose from 300+ recipes or add your own) and guides you through precise instructions. Place the bowl on the scale and the virtual bowl on screen will fill up as you pour and tell you when to stop. The scale also auto-scales recipes for number of servings and different pan sizes. If you enter the ingredients you already have, the app will tell you the recipes you can make. It’s perfect for those not-so-confident home cooks and Pinterest chefs alike.

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