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Pork and ginger dumplings with spinach wrappers.

In March 2020 we stepped out into the unknown. This year I stepped out into the year of blubbery. I’m giving it that name because when speaking of China Alley’s May 12 alleged arson, my brother said that night when he arrived in the Alley he had so many questions to ask me but that I was already “all blubbery.”

My year of blubbery began in early February when Mom was diagnosed with an inoperable malignant mass on her pancreas. Not only was the news difficult to digest, but the world was in in the height of the winter COVID surge, and we couldn’t be with her at the hospital. She had to receive the news alone. It was also the second time I had a loved one receive this type of cancer diagnosis.

Mom died five weeks later at home. Seven weeks after her death, the alleged arson at China Alley occurred. Five weeks after the fire, the daughter of my dearest friend passed away unexpectedly. Yes, my world has been blubbery.

Arianne Wing is the co-author of “Noodles Through Escargots,” and co-owner of the L.T. Sue Co. Tea Room and Emporium, benefiting the restoration and preservation of China Alley. She may be reached at


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