This article is a continuation of last week’s story about my family’s trip to Kentucky to see two of Answers in Genesis (AiG) attractions: the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. We have already looked at the former so this week I will give a summary of the latter. 

The Creation Museum is located less than an hour north of the Ark Encounter in Petersburg, Kentucky. I was expecting a smaller campus that would be made up of a parking lot and several buildings. I had no idea  the grounds of the Creation Museum would be so nice. It reminded me of other botanical gardens I have visited in southern California and Europe. The different gardens, the lake, zip lines, and a large playground provide an enjoyable context to the actual museum. 

The Creation Museum starts with an exhibit about dragons. This is somewhat surprising because the Bible has so little to say about them. Clearly someone at AiG is fascinated with these mythical beasts. Personally, I think it works as a creative way to draw visitors in to a museum which is like no other on the planet. 

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