“Pastor, it just feels like none of us can get a break.” I hear this lament from more folk than I can count.  Some days I feel it to my bones, too. 

Recently, I was practicing Lectio Divina with some other leaders.  The practice has you repeat a passage of scripture or writing multiple times, listening with your whole body, letting a word or phrase rise up for you.  It happened to be on a passage in the Bible about Jesus and the Disciples “almost” being swamped by a storm and the word “almost” is what rose up for me.

We spend much of our lives in “almost” spaces.  It is "almost" a new year, we "almost" got in a car accident, "almost" made a bad choice. What is striking is that when we live in the almost spaces, we miss out on where we are right now, who we are with, what is happening right now.  When we live in anticipation or rear-view replays, we cannot be fully present to this moment.  And we will never get this moment back.


Parker Bowman is a lifestyles reporter and editor for the Hanford Sentinel. He can be reached by email at PBowman@HanfordSentinel.com, or by calling his office phone at 559-583-2432.

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