For those of you who like their cake and eat it too.

Anyone who knows a Marine or former Marine will tell you they love their birthday cake, especially on the Marine Corps birthday which is celebrated on Nov. 10, 2021. It is an opportunity for U.S. Marines and former Marines around the globe to celebrate their 246-year legacy. 

A very special day.  Even more special for veterans in that the very next day, Nov. 11, is Veteran’s Day.  I remember as a young Marine during my active-duty time being in the field on an exercise.  Dirty, hungry, forgotten and without a bath for some time, it was November 10. 

On that day the Marines once again lived up to their motto, “Semper Fidelis” (Always Faithful) whereas in the middle of nowhere arrives a Jeep with two Marines and a cake in tow.  We cheerfully sat around, sang “Happy Birthday” and had our cake. Such a great memory and more importantly, the stories of fellow Marines who had their cake in both wartime and peace time situations over the years.  Filled with tradition, the Marines even have a cake-cutting ceremony where the youngest and oldest Marine cuts the cake.

If you’re a Marine walking around a Navy or Marine base on Nov. 10, one shouldn't be surprised when being asked, “Have you had your cake today?"

A few former Marines and a local active-duty Marine on leave had their cake early Thursday night at the Marine Corps League Kings County Detachment’s monthly meeting.  For those Navy and Marine veterans present, everyone knew the drill.  We sang happy 246th birthday to the Corps and blew out the candles.  We are very grateful to the host of our meetings, Fatte Albert’s Pizza Company in Hanford, and owner, Marine Corps veteran Steve Gonzales.

The Marine Corps League is always looking for a few good men and women volunteers. You can join us as a former Marine or civilian with no military background.  We especially welcome veterans of all the services — Navy, Army, Coast Guard and Air Force.  Our local detachment sponsors the annual veterans' Avenue of the Flags at the Grangeville Cemetery on Memorial Day.  We also conduct funeral ceremonies for deceased veterans and other public gatherings.

We welcome everyone to our ranks.  We are currently offering a free one-year membership to any military veteran.  Hope you can come out and join us as we work to continue our military service, serve our community and continue to eat our cake.

Semper Fi!


Mike Spicer is the vice commandant of the Marine Corps League Kings County Detachment and a veteran of the Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard.  He can be reached at (559) 469-7366 or email at  You can also visit the Marine Corps League website at    

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