The Meat and Potatoes of Life: Saved by the bolognese

Lisa Smith Molinari

During the darkness of mid-winter, it’s easy to get the blues. On dreary, cold days when the snow is dingy with soot, the car is hazy with salt, and your skin is as flakey as a stale croissant from the day-old bin at Stop & Shop, you can slide into negative thinking as easily as snot slips from your toddler’s nostrils.

In those bleak moments, military spouses might wonder, “Why do I live this difficult life with all its moves and deployments? Why do I put up with the inconveniences and hardships? Is my destiny to never pursue my career? Will our kids ever be able to stay in one school where they can make long-term friends and pursue their interests? If I have to iron another uniform, will I have a nervous breakdown? Will I stick a fork in my eye if I see one more moving sticker? Will the commissary ever carry unsweetened oat milk?!”

I’m here to tell you, it’s not as bad as you think. In fact, I’ve discovered eight ways that military life actually makes you a better person.

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