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Sunny Frazier

When I was growing up in the '60s, there were certain “rites of passage” a pre-teen girl went through. Charm bracelets commemorated important events in her life, her first colored lip balm (never lipstick!), her first pair of kitten heels, her first crush. Also, the gift of her first diary, with a lock and key, although the key would soon be lost. It was a way to confidentially confide her deepest thoughts and dreams away from the prying eyes of parents.
The most famous diary of all time is The Diary of Anne Frank. A young Jewish girl, she was gifted the diary in 1942 when she turned 13. This was just before her family went into hiding from the Nazis. For two years she documented their life until she was found and taken away. Years later, her father returned to the hiding spot and discovered her diary had survived. It went on to be published for the world to see what Germany had done.

Sunny Frazier is a long-time resident of Lemoore. She has written for newspapers, military and law enforcement publications. She is also a Navy Vet. To contribute a comment, contact her at

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