Each year my staff and I participate in rescuing abandoned pets that cross our paths. Some are found injured, some are surrendered when a pet owner cannot provide care and sadly some are abandoned. We currently are fostering a puppy, a chameleon and a dog named Fremont. Fremont is now available for adoption. She is a Corgi/Border Collie mix and is approximately 18 months old. Here is Fremont’s story…

One of my staff members was driving on Fremont Ave. in Lemoore. She observed a white sedan stopped at an intersection. As the automobile pulled away, a little dog was running as fast as her little legs would take her.  She was running with all her might in an attempt to catch the vehicle. Despite her best efforts, the exhausted pup gave up and turned away defeated. My staff member pulled over and the sweet pup got right into her vehicle. She was brought to my clinic and we notified Animal Control in case her owner was looking for her. Once her 30 day hold was complete, she received vaccines, and I spayed her. Fremont is currently being fostered with one of my staff.

Did you know that in the United States over five million dogs and cats entered shelters in 2019? (per statistics collected by Best Friends Animal Society) Of these abandoned pets, approximately 1,700 were killed per day. Sadly, these shocking statistics are an improvement from previous years. Our home state of California leads the number of shelter deaths in our entire nation. So, what can be done?


Parker Bowman is a lifestyles reporter and editor for the Hanford Sentinel. He can be reached by email at PBowman@HanfordSentinel.com, or by calling his office phone at 559-583-2432.

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