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The morning of Aug. 5 brought good news for 53 first class petty officers on board Naval Air Station Lemoore. The Navy released the FY-15 Chief Petty Officer (CPO) results at 6 a.m. to commanding officers on Tuesday, while the results were published online and social media fleet-wide the following day. 

“The Commanding Officer called my shop at 6:48 a.m. and said to come to his office; I already knew what it was about. I was ecstatic,” said Aviation Machinist Mate Chief Petty Officer Select Jason Chadderton from VFA-192.

Being promoted from E-6 to E-7 in the Navy is a huge milestone, unlike other United States military services that do not have a process to indoctrinate selectees to their new pay grade and responsibilities.

The CPO Selectees have already completed their chief selectee training, a three-day course with facilitation on topics such as leadership, character and Naval History.

Selectees are currently involved in CPO 365 Phase II, which contains the same time-honored traditions the Navy has embraced for years, including CPO charge books, meet-and-greets and a capstone event focused on the critical relevance of teamwork and resilience, according to Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Guidance.

Pinning of the new CPO’s will be on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

The selectees for FY-15 and their commands are:

AZC(SEL) Rachel M. Addeman, VFA-113; ADC(SEL) Donovan Ahuna, VFA-146; AZC(SEL) Mark Anderson, VFA-151; AMC(SEL) Shawn Barnes, VFA-146; OSC(SEL) Anthony Battista, CVW-11; ATC(SEL) Kevin Branstetter, VFA-122; ADC(SEL) Jason Chadderton, VFA-192; AOC(SEL) Mark Crocker, VFA-154; NCC(SEL) Toni Debem, VFA-14; AMEC(SEL) Ronaldo Diones, VFA-122; AMC(SEL) Ramie Ellender, FRC West; AZC(SEL) Mosheeka Fields, VFA-97; AOC(SEL) James Foskett, VFA-2; AMC(SEL) Jeremiah Goodwin, VFA-41; AOC(SEL) Jerry Griffith, VFA-122; OSC(SEL) Dexter Hanauer, CVW-2; AOC(SEL) Blake Hardwick, VFA-25; ATC(SEL) Darren Heppler, VFA-41; AMC(SEL) Roger Horner, VFA-25; AOC(SEL) Scott Keating, VFA-147; AOC(SEL) Eric Leavitt, SFWSP; ATC(SEL) Craig Leigan, VFA-86; AOC(SEL) Derrick Lewis, VFA-146; AEC(SEL) Richard Lim, VFA-94; ACC(SEL) Javier Lopez, NASL; AOC(SEL) Corey Lumpkins, CNATTU; LSC(SEL) Proceso Mejia, VFA-137; ATC(SEL) James Morganti, SFWSP; AEC(SEL) Daniel Morrison, VFA-14; ATC(SEL) Jamie Moylan, VFA-22; AOC(SEL) Niels Mygind, VFA-151; PSC(SEL) Ousmane Ndiaye, VFA-22; AMC(SEL) Mark Noble, FRC West; AMC(SEL) Gunther Norris, VFA-146; ADC(SEL) Horacio Ramirez, VFA-25; ATC(SEL) Timothy Reutter, CNATTU; AMEC(SEL) April Robinson, VFA-14; ADC(SEL) Eric Rosensweig, VFA-122; AOC(SEL) Tony Russell, VFA-22; AEC(SEL) George Salatka, VFA-113; ATC(SEL) Brandon Scott, CNATTU; AOC(SEL) Lindsay Smith, VFA-94; MAC(SEL) Patrick Smith, NASL; AZC(SEL) Michael Spriggs, VFA-2; ATC(SEL) Samuel Statler, VFA-41; ATC(SEL) Collin Tomberlin, VFA-22; AMC(SEL) Matthew Vitello, VFA-122; ATC(SEL) Adam Vonder Ahe-Cossey, VFA-154; AZC(SEL) Sara Woodworth, VFA-192; ATC(SEL) Jonathan Wyse, CNATTU.

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