Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. John Richardson visited Naval Air Station Lemoore (NASL) to speak with Sailors and leadership. Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Steven Giordano, Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker, Commander of Naval Air Forces and Rear. Adm. Yancey Lindsey, Commander, Navy Region Southwest, accompanied the CNO on this visit.

During his brief stop at the West Coast Master Jet base, Richardson participated in several discussions on manning, operations and quality of life initiatives in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the unique challenges associated with NAS Lemoore and how they are being addressed.

He also toured the F-35C Lightning II facilities recently based at NAS Lemoore.

Simultaneously, Giordano was touring base facilities and lodging with members of NASL’s Chiefs’ Mess and discussing quality of life issues for Sailors and their families as well as potential improvements that might be a good fit with the increased demand in requirements that come with a growing base.

“Our Navy is growing fast. We are growing in numbers, growing in capability and growing in operational scope,” said Richardson. “Military readiness, aviation readiness and family readiness is why we are here. Leadership has made it clear that you are working hard but, it’s not a question of talent or motivation, it’s a question of capacity.”

After a brief tour of both the operations and administration portion of NASL, the CNO and MCPON participated in an All Hands Call at the base theater. Sailors, civilian employees and spouses aboard NASL were invited to attend.

The CNO’s message focused primarily on the global presence of our “busy Navy” while highlighting some of the challenges and priority tasking currently be conducted. He also illustrated the relationship of current operations back to NAS Lemoore, as the base plays such an integral role in supporting existing maritime engagements.

“Lemoore is connected to all that is going on in our Navy,” said Richardson. “You’re preparing and deploying air wings to go forward at a reliability level that is stunning, and I need you to be very, very proud. Lemoore is a special place for our Navy and for Naval Aviation. Be proud of what you do here.”

The mission of NAS Lemoore is to provide the infrastructure, products and services that enable Commander, Strike Fighter Wing Pacific (CSFWP) squadrons to conduct operations in support of National Tasking.

CSFWP ensures that each strike fighter squadron, home-ported at NAS Lemoore, is fully combat-ready to conduct carrier-based, all-weather, attack, fighter and support missions for the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet.

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