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I received my sample ballot for the vote on the recall. I found it a bit confusing. I just want to remind the public to just mark no on the ballot. No one has to vote for anybody, just mark no. The no vote will stop the recall on any of our board members. We need to vote to retain all the board members we voted for.

The job they are doing is excellent. The district is in excellent financial position. The superintendent they hired on a 5-0 vote is surpassing expectations. The unity and purpose of the board is improving the district and the education for our students.

The only negative out there is still the unspoken politics; a few do not want a Hispanic majority on the board. Just mark no on your ballot. Just mark no on all the ballots and we will retain all of our present board members.

There are three people running for the school board on the three different trustee areas. None of them had interest in the school board until they were drafted by our opponents. I believe none of them had ever attended a board meeting until this summer; I am not running for office. If any of these people are elected we will return to the puppet system we had before.

Special friendships and special interest groups are out. Our school board is doing an excellent job and if there are problems they are being looked at and solutions are being worked on. Let us keep all of our present board.

Just mark no on your ballot. No selections just mark no.

J. Sandoval Sr.


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