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As I pulled campaign records last week on the November recall election, I was surprised to see some names. Paul Green, a sitting BOARD member, I knew was helping the recall campaign against the peoples' elected board actually help fund it ALSO!

This is so nasty on many levels. This is who he is, his way only. Paul Green campaigned against me a sitting board member in 2014. After his friend lost he came to my house to ask if I would support him as board president, he does have a lot of nerve. Then after the release of his friend he along with others put their friendships ahead of our kids and started a recall.

As a man, I confronted Green at a meeting and ask if he was helping/ supporting the recall and he said NO! He lied, as some people informed me GREEN had went by and even called them. We all knew what he was up to, but I'm glad he help fund the recall so even when he hides from it, the proof is in the pudding — Green helped fund the recall against sitting board members of the public!

Lastly during a meeting last summer he told the public that he trusted me Roger Orosco 100 percent and wanted me to be board president. So to show what kind of trustee he is, he trusted me 100 percent, and still worked and funded the recall. He knew I would do the right thing but his actions show he wouldn't. Special thanks to all the support I've been getting to expose some of the politics of our town and the people behind it.

Concerned parent and citizen,

Roger Orosco


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