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I grew up in Kingsburg. I work in Kingsburg. I concurrently live in Kingsburg, and I plan to raise my kids in Kingsburg. This town means a lot to me. Every day I have the opportunity to help mold and shape the future leaders of this town. I count that as an absolute privilege.

On Dec. 28, 2015, I had the opportunity to do a ride-along with one of Kingsburg’s finest. You see, I count on KPD when it comes to issues surrounding the campus which I lead. When they are called, they always respond in a timely manner and with absolute professionalism. I thought it would be only right that I return the favor and support them for a day.

Kingsburg isn’t perfect. There are many situations each day that take place in this town that I wish would not. Although I knew Kingsburg wasn’t Mayberry, the ride-along opened my eyes to that reality. There are a lack of resources that they are faced with every day and they still manage to get the job done, without even a complaint.

I call on the citizens of Kingsburg to continue to support the men and women we have in uniform. I will rest easy tonight knowing that my family and I are in good hands.

Thank you, Kingsburg PD.

Ryan Phelan

Director, Kingsburg Alternative Education Center, Kingsburg

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