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More funds: Energy program

The Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission has an additional $2.05 million to offer low-income residents to help provide energy bill assistance and weatherization services.

More funds have been made available for low-income residents to weatherize their homes, the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission announced.

An additional $2.05 million is now available through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program and Weatherization program to provide energy bill assistance and weatherization services for qualified low-income households. This additional funding was awarded through California Department of Community Services and Development to increase energy assistance available for Fresno County residents.

Program directors estimate they’ll be able help an additional 2,090 eligible households in a financial crisis pay their energy bills to prevent shut-off or to restore energy.

The weatherization program will be able to serve an additional 200 qualifying households to improve their energy efficiency. The weatherization measures provided could include floor/ceiling/wall insulation, duct repair and replacement, central cooling/heating replacement, solar water heater, ceiling fans and LED light bulbs.

Specific weatherization services provided at each household are determined after an energy audit has been completed.

“The weatherization of a home improves its energy efficiency and can help low-income households to save money on energy expenses, especially during our hot summer months,” Weatherization Director David Wear said.

Residents can learn more about the energy assistance program and submit an application at All homes that receive LIHEAP assistance will be referred to see if homes qualify for weatherization services. Find out more about that program at

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