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KINGSBURG – Visitors to Kingsburg Chamber’s third Ladies Night Out brought out the glam for this year’s event Nov. 2 as the theme was Vintage Hollywood.

Organizers say although another Ladies Night was held earlier this year, attendance was still high for this event as well.

“I was excited but kind of nervous at the same time since we’d just had a Ladies Night in March that was rescheduled from November,” organizer Heather Cofield-Pritchard said. After the October 2016 fire on Draper Street, the Chamber decided to reschedule the second one for March. “Overall, we’ve had an awesome turnout,” Heather Cofield-Pritchard said of this year’s event.

Ladies Night included a costume contest for those who came in furs, evening gowns and glittering jewelry.

Michele Davidian’s 1920s-inspired flapper outfit won in the best overall category. She’d worn it to a themed wedding and since she already had all the accessories she decided it was worth a repeat.

“This was very creative and there was a broad spectrum of costumes but it was mostly outfits from the 1920s, ‘50s and ‘60s eras. The costumes and the vintage Hollywood theme have been really amazing.”

Davidian also liked the idea of women getting together and celebrating each other’s professional endeavors.

“I think it’s very important for women to come together with their friends and have a night to be carefree and see what other women are doing in business.”

Bonnie Villines came with a group of her friends who workout together at Workouts Unlimited.

“We come every year. It’s great camaraderie for all of us gals. The food’s great and we like looking at the vendors. It’s just a great community event.”

The women had already been to local restaurants and shops such as Bella Rose, Corsaro’s Family Pizza, Los Pepe’s and Kimbley’s and were sampling food at the recently opened Fugazzi’s.

“We’re so delighted to have them here,” Villines said of the restaurant. “Next, we’re going to head out to Ace Hardware and take the limo ride and then head over to Berman’s Flowers.”

Kingsburg friends Melissa Troxell, Bricki McNulty and Melissa Iriat were an eye-catching trio as they walked up Draper Street that night. Troxell dressed in a green, fur-collared jacket while McNulty sported a silent-screen star Charlie Chaplin outfit. Meanwhile, Iriat was decked out in a lacy flapper dress.

Troxell said the green coat had belonged to her husband’s grandmother, while McNulty borrowed clothes from her husband and Iriat borrowed her dress from her mother. McNulty won most creative in the costume contest while Iriat won for most original.

“I figured there would already be a lot of Marilyn Monroes and Elizabeth Taylors so I thought I’d go outside the box and borrowed from my husband’s closet,” McNulty said of her outfit. The little moustache was a leftover from a friend’s Halloween costume.

“And I painted my Leprechaun hat from the Dollar Tree. It was green before.”

The women agreed having a night set aside for just the women was a fun way to have girl time and get in some shopping as the holiday season kicks off.

“It’s just fun coming downtown and having the businesses open up and getting to know different businesses you wouldn’t normally walk into.”

McNulty admits it was fun also not taking the entire family shopping and having fun with just the girls.

“Just getting away from the kids and it being just the ladies is fun. It’s fun to get out with just your friends and have some me time.”

Next year’s Ladies Night is already in the works with different themes being considered. Cofield-Pritchard credits Julia Bridges for this year’s theme.

“She came up with the idea and we just ran with it,” she said. “I love the vintage Hollywood. I love that era. We didn’t really set a decade but just let people choose what they wanted as long as it was super awesome fabulous.”

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