KINGSBURG – Kingsburg Elementary is honoring three staff members who Superintendent Wes Sever describes as committed team members who make a difference in the lives of their students and staff throughout the year.

Beverly Rosas, Mary Silva and Carol Bray will be recognized at the 4 p.m. Feb. 20 Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District Board meeting. Later, they will represent the district in awards ceremony at the William Saroyan Theatre in Fresno in November.

In letters to each of the recipients, Sever shared sentiments expressed by each of their colleagues.

Rosas is the Educator of the Year. She works as a resource specialist at Lincoln School. She’s credited with streamlining her teaching in the most efficient way to reach students struggling with disabilities.

“Beverly not only works with students with diagnosed disabilities, she also works faithfully to assist students who need a little help to catch back up to their peers so they won’t require official special education services,” Sever said. “If she hears of a struggling student in a classroom, she finds a way to fit that student into her program by changing her schedule or squeezing in just one more.”

She’s known as a persistent instructor who works tirelessly to engage students by using positive reinforcement, repetition and a wealth of patience to reach each individual student.

“The students she sees struggle academically and the work is often difficult for them to complete. She knows how to bring out their best, and the growth these students make is a wonderful thing to witness,” he said.

Silva was named as the Employee of the Year. She is a district liaison based out of the Island Community Day School and works throughout the district.

Silva was described as working tirelessly around the clock in building relationships with students’ families.

“Mary connects families to any resource they may need; food, shelter, parenting classes and even addiction support programs. While Mary is a part-time employee, she is 100 percent dedicated to kids and families within the Kingsburg community. Take one look at her and you can see her ‘job’ is truly a labor of love.”

Silva’s known for helping families in difficult situations have positive outcomes by holding students and parents accountable.

“Her job is difficult and many don’t know what her day-to-day behind the scenes looks like,” Sever said. “She has utilized KCAPS to help district families with electricity, rent, food and clothing through her 19 years with Kingsburg Elementary. It is not uncommon for Mary to be at a family’s home, on the weekend, helping to rid lice from a student’s hair. Mary has hard conversations with families and is a partner in educating parents when needed.”

Bray is the Administrator of the Year. She serves as the human resources director at the district office. Sever described her as dedicated, trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile.

“Her great attention to detail is what sets her apart,” Sever said. “She has brought forth new programs to the District which have been very useful.”

Bray’s patience was acknowledged as the district makes changes in technology and she’s credited with developing and maintaining a safety committee that includes representatives from each department.

“I am constantly impressed by the way Carol clearly conveys information and ideas through a variety of media, as well as personally to staff. She has helped establish and nurture the positive culture we have at KECSD in many different ways.”

The staff members say they’re humbled by the awards.

“I am honored by this recognition and certainly don't feel like I deserve it,” Bray said. “I am surrounded by a wonderful team of co-workers. I couldn’t do what I do without them. I am very grateful to work for KECSD. I feel blessed every day.”

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