KINGSBURG – Although the efforts of the hundreds of volunteers taking part in Kingsburg Community Assistance Program’s annual canned food drive Nov. 15 may not have solved hunger in the community, it made a difference that will last all year long.

That was the encouragement Kingsburg Ministerial Fellowship leader Jordan Ringhofer shared with the dozens of volunteers who gathered at a brief organizational meeting at the YoungLife building before the food collection took place.

“You are part of the solution and a visible representation of what can happen when people come together and care about each other,” Ringhofer said.

Before the night’s collection, dozens of volunteers distributed the grocery bags and then others drove students throughout town to collect the food stuffs. Dozens more volunteers then waited at the KCAPS building to sort and box the donations.

“This is an extension of what we feel called to do as believers in Christ,” Ringhofer said. “This lets people know that we care and makes us more mindful of those that are in need of food.”

As the drive wound down later that night, KCAPS Director Aida Rushing was grateful for the hundreds of volunteers from youth and church groups helping that night.

“Tonight isn’t about self. It’s about others and for KCAPS, our mission is to show God’s unifying love to everyone we meet. I think love really shined tonight.”

Rushing estimates that food collected during the drive and throughout the year helps feed more than 5,000 people in Kingsburg, Traver and London. She calculates that it equates to 22,000 meals.

“I don’t know any other community that does this,” Rushing said of the outpouring and involvement. “We went to 26 sections of town. That’s over 3,000 houses that gave tonight. It doesn’t surprise me because I know they support KCAPS so much. It makes me feel really good.”

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