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Junior high: 'Monster' hits Rafer stage

Rafer Johnson’s performing arts program is staging “There’s a Monster in My Closet” from Nov. 10-18 which is based on a book by Angela Stewart.

KINGSBURG – Rafer Johnson Jr. High’s performing arts students are putting on a musical comedy, “There’s a Monster in My Closet” which runs with five performances from Nov. 10-18.

Director Josh Merritt says the whole family will love the musical and described it as an eclectic and fun musical romp. The show is based on a book by Angela Stewart.

In the musical, Emily is having a sleepover with her best friend Stephanie when they discover there’s a monster in her closet. Despite the incessant teasing of her big brother and his friends, Emily decides to investigate further. The girls recruit their friends to help them capture the monster. What they don’t realize is that Murray the monster only wants to play Emily’s new video game.

“Murray is more scared of kids than they are of him,” Merritt says of the closet monster.

The character of Emily is played by Karlee Kirk, Stephanie is played by Shaylin Esajian and Murray is played by Luke Johnston.

As the show goes on we learn that Murray is already on probation with his boss, the Dream King, who knows about his goofing off on the job.

“Every monster knows that it’s forbidden to be seen by a human,” Merritt says of the monster’s woes.

As the musical continues, the audience finds out what happens with the slumber party-goers attempt to capture Murray.

“With other wonderfully entertaining characters like Sandy the Sandman and his majesty’s Dreamweavers, the audience will find out how friendship, ingenuity and a sprinkling of magic lead to a delightful solution to Emily’s monster problem.”

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