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After just a few months of business, the Candy & More store is shutting down.

The store, located in downtown Kingsburg at 1420 Draper St., is closing on Sept. 8. Owners Eric Hamlin and fiancé Jennifer Summers have discounted prices on candy and other items they sell, as well as displays and equipment, with the hope of selling everything before the closure.

“It is with sad hearts that we announce the closing of Candy and More,” the store said on its Facebook page. “We will be here until September 8th selling candy unless we run out before that. We will be having specials going on during this time. If you are interested please stop by during business hours.”

The store opened on June 17, selling a large variety of candies as well as pre-packaged ice cream, sodas, sandwiches and other snacks.

Some Kingsburg residents said they were sad to see the store go. 

" It was a great idea — [it] just needed something else to help draw in the people," said Connie Boyd. "They did a great job promoting. I will miss seeing the hunts for Mr. Potato Head's body parts."

Mary Schoelen-Troisi said that while she wasn't aware that the store was there, she's sad to see another downtown store closing.

"Too bad it didn't work out," she said. "I always thought an old fashioned candy store on Draper would be neat, but it's hard to compete with gas stations."

Stacy Scoelen-Chavira encouraged the store owners not to give up. 

"Maybe you just need to change location like near a theatre or something," she said. "Don't give up on your dream. Maybe soon you can give it a try again."

Candy & More isn’t the first downtown Kingsburg store to close recently. The Dala Horse Restaurant closed earlier this year and Diane’s Village Bakery and Café is currently up for sale.

Candy & More will be open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Friday.

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