Greg Strickland

Greg Strickland

Employer/Title: District Attorney/Career Prosecutor

Education: University of Southern California – Bachelor of Science. Whittier College School of Law – Juris Doctorate.

Why are you running for this office?

I have been a career prosecutor for over 30 years and prosecuted 200 jury trials, making me the most qualified and experienced candidate. I will continue the mandate from the voters who elected me, by keeping politics out of the office and ensuring fairness and justice remain in Kings County.

What makes you the best candidate for this office?

My results as District Attorney during the last 3 years show that I am the best candidate. I created the Violent Crime Unit. Since I took office, the unit has maintained a 100% Conviction Rate for murderers, gang members, and child predators. During my first term, two murderers were convicted and put on death row.

I ensured that Saldana, who murdered Denise McVay, by stabbing Denise at a Hanford Car wash, received life without the possibility of parole, the maximum sentence available for juvenile offenders.

The office, under my leadership, has a 98% Conviction on all major felonies for serious and violent criminals and recently sentenced two such offenders to multiple life sentences (105 years to life and 226 years to life). I ensure criminals cannot re-enter our community.

I restarted the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) to keep kids in school and away from gangs and drugs and out of the criminal justice system. Kings County made national news for being the first in the state to prosecute parents who do not take their children to school. My motto is, “Save a Life, Keep A Kid In School.” Since 2011 I have tripled the number of cases before SARB.

What will be your top three priorities if elected?

First priority: Continuing to relentlessly prosecute violent criminals. I am the only criminal law specialist in Kings County and have personally tried death penalty cases. I work closely with my staff to ensure they maintain a 100 percent conviction rate for violent gang members. In response to increasing gang activity in our county, added a full-time DA Investigator to the Gang Task Force.

Second priority: Protecting our children. Under my direction, the Child Abduction Unit was fully staffed and budgeted to protect the most vulnerable victims – innocent children. As a father of two daughters, nothing is more important to me than vigorously prosecuting child predators and sentencing them to multiple life sentences. These horrific perpetrators should never re-enter our community.

During my term, child predators were sentenced to 105 years and 226 years to life.

Third priority: Ensuring that crimes against women are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I started the Violence Against Women Unit and appointed a dedicated prosecutor, investigator, and victim advocate. The court will appoint someone to represent a criminal, but not the victim. I combat this by providing victims with an advocate, who safeguard victims’ rights, safety and restitution throughout the court process.

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