The following is taken from the Kings County Sheriff’s office media report. Those appearing as “arrested” have only been arrested on suspicion of the crime indicated and are presumed innocent.

Jose Miguel Cobian-Verduzco, 25. Suspicion of Burglary, Robbery; First Degree, Spousal Abuse related charges

Tomas Herevia, 51. Suspicion of Annoy/Molest Child under 18, Under Influence Cont Substance, Interfering with Police Ofcr, False Rep of ID to Peace Ofcr related charges

Christian Angel Hernandez, 25. Suspicion of Spousal Abuse, Attempted Criminal Threats, Battery, Bench Warrant Felony related charges

Ryan Cummings, 29. Suspicion of Spousal Abuse related charges

Itzel Lloremi Gomez, 22. Suspicion of Spousal Abuse related charges

Garrett Ray Leyva, 20. Suspicion of Murder; First Degree related charges

Paul Anthony Lugo, 41. Suspicion of Spousal Abuse, ADW - Not Firearm or w/GBI, Kidnapping, Damage/Destroy any Wireless Com Device, Exhibit Deadly Weapon:Not Firearm related charges

James Edward Wallace, 27. Suspicion of Child Endanger; Poss GBI/Death related charges

Shane Allen Hulett, 33. Suspicion of Bat:Spouse/Ex Spouse/Date/Etc, Robbery related charges

Patrick Boatman, 23. Suspicion of Sex Crimes w/Child -14 yrs Force/Fear related charges

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