Certain career-pro come with inherent dangers. Logging workers and fishermen experience the most fatalities on the job, but there are other professions in which the dangers are not so obvious. Over time, being exposed to certain chemicals and toxins at work can lead to serious problems, particularly during 40-hour work weeks.

For example, humans are exposed to small amounts of radiation -- a type of energy emitted from the sun or X-rays -- nearly every day. It is also used as an effective treatment against cancer. However, higher doses of radiation over a long period of time can cause mutations in our genes and lead to cancer. Large amounts of radiation exposure can lead to extreme sickness and even death.

Using data from the Occupational Information Network, the experts at CareerTrends, a career research site powered by Graphiq, found the jobs with the most radiation exposure. The data comes from an O*NET Survey in which respondents were asked "How often does this job require exposure to radiation?" and responded with a number from one to five, with one corresponding to infrequent exposure and five corresponding to the most exposure. Using this data, CareerTrends created a "Radiation Exposure Score" from one to 100 and found the 50 jobs with the highest scores. Each job's approximate average salary is also listed, using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Careers are listed from least to most radiation exposure. Ties are broken by approximate annual salary, with the lower salaries ranking higher.

Not surprisingly, jobs in nuclear medicine have the highest exposure to radiation compounds. However, dental hygienists are also exposed to high amounts of radiation, as well as pilots and even podiatrists.

Note: Job descriptions are sourced (with minor edits) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Approximate salaries from the BLS are also listed. This salary information is in a broad category for each occupation. For example, "hospitalist" and "rehabilitation physician" fall under the same BLS category so they have equal salary numbers, even though they might be different in actuality.

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