The United States just celebrated its 240th birthday, and for nearly half that time, the modern automobile has held a special place in American history. With the help of automotive pioneers like Henry Ford or William Durant, cars as we know and drive them have become engrained in U.S. culture. Today, the “Big Three” Detroit automakers – Ford, General Motors and Chrysler – still roll out new models off the assembly lines every day.

Some of their nameplates are among the most recognizable cars that have been in production for generations, so it’s worth celebrating their place as part of U.S. automotive heritage. Using data from Edmunds, analysts at AxleGeeks, a transportation research site powered by Graphiq, identified the 10 cars with the longest production history. To be considered for the list, the models needed to be produced by an American brand continuously – without gaps in production years – until 2016.

The list is ranked according to the number of years each model has been in production, with the longest surviving model at No. 1.

Note: Edmunds data only goes back to 1990, so over-time charts won't show the full history for each car model.

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