An interesting event is coming to downtown Hanford on Saturday — the inaugural Taco Truck Throw Down. Hosted by the Professional Latin American Association, the battle for the best taco is from 5-8 p.m. in front of the Fox Theatre, corner of Lacey Boulevard and Irwin Street. Admission is free and the cost of tacos is $2. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Long Field Center and other needs in the community.

In addition to taco vendors, there will also be other food for sale, music by the band August and a beer garden. The Sentinel talked with one of the Taco Truck Throw Down's organizers, Carol Hernandez, about the event.

Question: How did the idea for the Taco Truck Throw Down come about?

Answer: There was three of us that sat down at a meeting — a luncheon. We were talking about the end results of the Multicultural Festival coming into the 15th year, and I thought "I love doing that event but what else could we do different." Someone said what about some other kind of Mexican food [event]. And we said "taco trucks."

So, we decided to do that... It kind of laid low for awhile. So we'd been planning for only about a month... We're expecting it to do well. It's just bringing the community together, it doesn't matter what culture i talk to they like tacos and it's going to be $2 a taco. 10 percent of the proceeds will go to our nonprofit. I think it's going to be a fun night with music and food and some things for the kids. That's how it started — just to have something different in town.

Q: You have four trucks signed up currently. Do you expect there to be more?

A: Anything's possible. We've seen from the Multicultural Festival vendors coming in the day before the event.

Q: What other vendors will be at the Taco Truck Throw Down?

A: We have people coming in with shaved ice, popcorn, strawberry shortcake and that type of thing. I think we also have someone selling jewelry and hats. We're trying to get a guy to wear a taco costume. Nobody has said yes yet. We're going to order it anyway just in case someone wants to walk around as a taco. We even have a photo booth coming in. We just want it to be a fun event.

Q: Do you see it as being an annual event if it's successful?

A: Yes. It'll become an annual event. We've gotten positive [comments] from everyone we've talked to. All we hear is "that's going to be fun." We've come to see that the different trucks are making different kinds of tacos. The judges will be taking a sample from each taco truck and there will be a VIP Winner and there will be the People's Choice [Winner].

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