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Sound Behavioral Health: The power of momentum in our daily lives
Sound Behavioral Health

Sound Behavioral Health: The power of momentum in our daily lives

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When there is the forward movement of positivity, and accomplishment, the building of confidence is the joy of pursuit.  One step leading to the accomplishment of the next can create momentum, building self-confidence and hope.

Nobody enjoys failure or set back, however, they are the facts of life with lessons to be learned contained within them. 

We do not tend to do something or believe we can do something if we continue to fail at it.  We either try a different way or leave the pursuit alone.  However, when we set a goal, chunk up the goal into simple and specific tasks, then the task can be measured in a positive change (i.e. lower debt, room painted, class accomplished). The task is attainable and not out of reach and also in touch with reality and the limits of the person. 

Limits are not an open door for excuses or blaming.  Are there physical, mental, or emotional handicaps which may limit a person from the reality of accomplishing a task, leading to a goal?  Momentum has the power to become a powerful force in our forward movement, and personal growth when taken one step at a time.  It is increased forward movement.  It is the increase in power and effectiveness of each accomplished task. 

When considering each task completed towards a goal, we remember we have not arrived yet at our goal, however, the goal is much closer and more in view than when we first had it in mind.  As we learn in the process of going after the goal through each task, we learn new skills, and talents we may have never used or realized we had. 

Behavior modification and new character begin to take shape because our thinking is focused on the next task, and not trying to accomplish the whole painting at once.  An artist does not paint a masterpiece all at once.  It is accomplished one brush stroke at a time and slowly the Artist begins to see their portrait created in their mind displayed in front of them.  This allowing a sense of accomplishment, success, hope, and confidence in themselves.  We are artists as well, and each brush stroke of life we take creates the potential of momentum to occur.  This gives us confidence to believe in the principles followed in pursuing those tasks and goals.  There is no momentum or achievement without action.  Momentum does not just happen, and nobody is going to do it for us.  It is not for the complacent of heart, but the willing of soul.  It requires saying no more than saying yes, being comfortable with being uncomfortable, and learning new ways and stopping old ways.  In other words, it requires a relentless commitment of belief, effort, and focus.

Think about a person wanting to purchase a home, for example.  They may need $20,000 for a down payment however, they have no savings.  They may have on average $1,000 per month overhead money.  This is where saying no comes into play.  It may require saying no to that yearly vacation, or parties, or eating out for this person to save this much or possibly more money. 

However, if this person set a timeline, how much money they would save each month, then in two years, having the down payment they needed is in hand, and their credit score could have had time to appreciate as well.  New skills of discipline, diligence and commitment were learned in impulse control, financial management and patience. 

Then the person has these skills to apply to managing their home and making upkeep a priority, already able to set aside money without saying yes to the less necessary things in life, and focusing on the more necessary things of life necessities and benefits of being responsible.  Thus, a better quality of life lived in the new home.  We can apply this concept to several areas, such as earning a college degree.  Take it one class at a time, one assignment at a time, one day at a time.  As one assignment is completed, then the class is closer to being completed, and the degree closer to being in hand.  Each assignment giving feedback on what is needed for the next step, giving added opportunity and increased confidence for our future. 

Momentum is not about being good at something or having the answer, but being willing to risk taking the next step towards our goal and building up the power and speed of confidence to roll into the next task or goal in life.  Before we realize it, after a few tasks and goals accomplished we begin to believe in our ability to not only learn but accomplish new things, and extraordinary life goals.  We begin to see more of the possibility of our goal being in our hands and life, and not some wishful thought in our mind. 

We finally have a renewed sense of assurance, or hope as I like to call it, in future goals and pursuits.  Changed character comes through practicing healthy principles in our pursuits, and this through much suffering of change.  However, changed character is proved over time, and proven character produces hope for a future.

Brian Shubert is actively involved in the behavioral health field as a Substance Abuse Counselor.  He lives in Lemoore.

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