If you’ve ever been caught in a lie, then you know the awkward and precarious place you find yourself in. A study done on the campuses of several high schools revealed the majority of students believe lying and cheating is permissible as long as no one gets caught.

Even though I understand why a person might subscribe to this belief, the truth about lies makes this opinion deadly. Being caught in a lie provides an opportunity to correct a faulty decision and right a wrong. It clears the way for building a firm foundation for a life based upon truth.

If a person thinks that ‘telling’ a lie is acceptable, what is to be said for those who think ‘believing’ a lie is non-damaging? What you believe will set the direction you take. Solomon records this truth in Proverbs 23:7. When you believe a lie, it’s like reading a faulty road map. We all know what happens when our GPS doesn’t work properly. You get lost.

There are a lot of lost people in the world. People who have lost their identity and fail to realize how significant they are to God. Many have lost a sense of purpose and direction. Always busy, accumulating more and more stuff but not really making any progress. They amble around but go in circles. Could it be caused by a faulty belief system?

We hear lies every day. Falsehoods are sung, shouted and whispered in our ears. Falsehoods hypnotize and cajole us to buy perfume, magazines, I-phones, dish detergent, condominiums, books, fly spray, laxatives, sewing lessons, electronic gadgets, beer, vacation cruises, dating services and on and on and on...

The insidious truth is: We are told what to think and are seduced into believing false notions about who we are, what we must have, where we must go and how we ought to live in order to be happy. Many of the things being offered on the idea market are lies.

The first recorded lie in the Bible was told to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Satan was the liar, which is no surprise because John 8 tells us that he is the father of all lies. In other words, when you confront a lie, you are in conflict with him because he is the source of all falsehood. Eve believed the lie and acted upon it. The consequences were catastrophic. When you listen to a lie, believe a lie and act upon a lie, you can expect the same results.

According to God’s Word the truth about lies is very clear. Lies will lead you astray but truth will keep you on the right path. Lies will create a serious fault line in your character but truth will provide a solid foundation. Lies will lead to deception and destruction but truth will develop and deliver you from much unnecessary pain. Believing lies will shatter your life but truth will put it back together.

There are many church families in Kings County that disseminate truth on a regular basis. Why not visit one of them this weekend and commit yourself to walking in the truth.

Pastor Tim Howard is the lead pastor at Koinonia Church. Any comments can be sent to: tim@kcfchurch.org.