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Many people seem to treat God’s Word like a magic potion or spell. Sometimes it is prayers that are written and printed in the classifieds or buried in a certain place. It may be a certain phrase repeated half a dozen times. Some like to take Bibles with them when they travel thinking they will be protected or even print verses on bumper stickers or paint them on the walls of their house.

The problem is God’s Word doesn’t work that way. The Bible is not a book of spells. It is not an amulet to ward off evil spirits. And it doesn’t magically protect someone who has verses tattooed on their body.

But it is powerful. It is life-changing. It gives us access to the thoughts of God and gives us insight into the principles that He put into place that govern the universe in which we live. It shows us how to live and what to do when we mess up.

So, what makes God’s Word so powerful and how do we access it in a way that it can result in change and blessing in our lives? Let me give you a few thoughts on the subject.

Jesus said that the Scriptures were about Him. He also said that if we want to have life, then we need to come to Him. So if we want to know Jesus and have the quality of life that He talked about, then we probably need to study God’s Word.

Coincidentally, one of the greatest arguments for the idea that we should listen to what the Bible says is that Jesus said we should. I don’t know about you, but I tend to go with the guy that came back to life after being dead for three days. What He says carries much more weight than what the media, the “smart” people, and my friends say.

God’s Word is a revelation to us and for us. Life is challenging and complicated and we need God’s guidance! I don’t know about you, but there are times when I don’t know what the right decision is or what the next step needs to be. I need God to reveal His thoughts on the matter. When I get into God’s Word then my mind and spirit are filled with words that are eternal and life-giving. As I take these Words in, God’s Holy Spirit is able to shine light on the thoughts of God that are relevant to my situation. But if I don’t have His Word “hidden in my heart” then the revelation I need isn’t there.

God’s Word is truth. In a world that is full of opinion, and where everyone does what they think is right, the Word of God gives us access to a solid place to stand. Rather than living our lives based on subjective opinion, we can live our lives based on what is actually true. That makes all the difference.

I’ve only scratched the surface, but the point is — God’s Word is powerful if we get it inside of us. Because, if it is inside of us (which requires us to read it, to think about it, to memorize it, and to meditate on it) then we will have our thoughts corrected, our actions inspired and our lives transformed. This doesn’t happen when we use the Scripture like a magic potion, it happens as we see it as God’s revelation given to us for the purpose of the transformation of who we are.

The pastors of Kings County would love to help you to understand God’s Word and see His truth bless your life. You’re invited this weekend!

Andrew Cromwell is the executive pastor at Koinonia Church in Hanford. E-mail him at or call 582-1528.


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